Personification of Representation


When I entered the hallowed halls of Corporate America over a decade ago, I always held a vision greater than working a 9-5 or for someone else.

A job for me, was always a bridge to elsewhere, an enabler to go and do what I was passionate about. Having worked since I was 16 years old as everything from a cashier, file clerk, bakery and deli help, and bank teller; to more professional field-based internships in Aerospace and Manufacturing, I was no stranger to getting by until the next opportunity presented itself.



The Evolution of Catie Rosie’s


When I moved to St. Augustine in 2013, I was a fish out of water. I moved to town from Tallahassee for a new job with a respected privately held company, was transitioning out a failed marriage, and looking for a new beginning. The job opportunity afforded me earning potential I had never known since beginning my career and the failed marriage gave me the chance to actually focus on getting to know myself more than I had since college, while pursuing old passions previously obscured through compromise and routine.